Advantage of Fabric air duct textile duct

DurkeeSox Fabric air duct textile duct an estimated 20% energy saving is achieved when compared to the conventional stores, which is a saving close to 1,200,000 kWh of electricity.

The success of DurkeeSox fabric air ducting system installed in Carrefour stores, are the best representation of its advantages in commercial retail applications:

1. Cleanness: environmental friendly. DurkeeSox can be easily removed and laundered, comparing to conventional ductworks.

2. Aesthetic. appealing shopping environment and better visual appearance.

3. Even air distribution, comfortable.

4. Cost efficient: simpler design, light weight, reduce roof loading, and easy transportation, all brings reduced total system cost.

Thorough research and field inspection was conducted on several world leading fabric air dispersion system suppliers, during the bid for the ventilation systems of 50 Carrefour stores. DurkeeSox fabric air duct was selected to supply the largest fabric air dispersion contract in the industry, after the comprehensive evaluations on material qualities, manufacture capabilities, and customer service by Carrefour. DurkeeSox fabric air dispersion system will be installed in 50 Carrefour stores in Taiwan, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, and India.